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Survey By Foreign Embassies Gives Bio the First Round: Bio 48% Koroma 46%, No Christmas for Salone

By Joseph Salifu Kamara

October 30, 2012

A very cogent leaked survey report in possession of one of the foriegn embassies in Freetown indicates a deadlock in Sierra Leone’s presidential race in November. Who so ever wins the polls will do so in a nail bighting finish in the second round late in the colds of December, the research declares. The survey administered among 15,400 respondents nationwide concludes that none of the political parties will command up to 50 percent of the vote in the first round. The deadlock in November will undoubtedly instruct Madam Thorpe, the NEC Chair, to conduct a runoff Presidential election at Christmas. Authoritatively, there is now compelling evidence that if presidential elections were held on the 15th October (at the time of the research) the opposition leader will take a slight edge over the ruling party by approximately 50,000 votes – that is about 2 percent of the overall registrants at an 85% average voter turnout. click here to read full article

SLPP and Maada Bio Turn Aberdeen, Freetown Green.

In Bo Town, Even The Trees and Grass Are Green!


A NEW DIRECTION FOR A BETTER SIERRA LEONE: SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio's Address During the Launching of His Party's Manifesto

October 19, 2012

On July 9, 2012 this year, we called you at the Bank of Sierra Leone Complex at the launch of the manifesto development process.  It was history making event because it was the first time the process of developing a Manifesto for a political party was launched. We heard from you how you would like to see Sierra Leone in a New Direction. We then consulted with various groups in all districts on what they would like contain in the New Direction. On behalf of my Party, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to you for your contributions to the road map for moving Sierra Leone forward. click here to read full manifesto

Photos Speak for themselves: Bio and SLPP Turn Pujehun Greener

October 18, 2012

The entire Pujehun District is greener than ever before as Bio and SLPP launch its campaign in one of their strongholds. Flanked by SLPP strongman, leader and Chairman, John Benjamin, Bio assures the people of Pujehun of real and tangible development as opposed to APC's fabricated lies about development in the district. Pujehun is one of the districts that have seen no real development under Ernest Koroma's APC over the last five years. Click here to see more pictures from Pujehun

No Sign of Development in Pujehun Under APC As SLPP Launches its Campaign

October 17, 2012

There are clearly no signs of development in major towns in Pujehun District after 5 years of APC corrupt misrule. On the official launch of the SLPP campaign, stakeholders and supporters from across the district have gathered in Pujehun town today to pledge their vote to SLPP. Voters have vowed to pay President Ernest Koroma in kind for falling to deliver on his promises. "We will not be fooled again to vote for any corrupt party.  We will vote for the development oriented SLPP",says Lansana Kaikai, a youth who is resident of Pujehun town.

Sierra Leone Desperately Needs A New Direction: SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General, Julius Maada Bio Makes the Case in His Acceptance Speech.

October 8, 2012

ONE COUNTRTY, ONE PEOPLE. Fellow Sierra Leoneans, every road, however long it might be, has a beginning and an end. Our journey on the road to State House has been long and difficult. It started more than a year ago, on August 1, 2011, the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan, when the National Delegates’ Conference of our noble Party, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), elected me as its Flag Bearer for the 2012 Presidential Elections. Click here to read full address


Sierra Leone Law Court Came to a Stop As Bio's Convoy and Crowd Marched Passed

October 8, 2012


SLPP Nomination Day: Heading For Statehouse

October 8, 2012

The Presidential candidate of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio and his Running Mate, Dr. Kadi Sesay are expected to be nominated this morning at the National Electoral Commission (NEC) as Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates of the party ahead of crucial elections slated for November 17. Today’s ceremony marks a significant milestone in Brig. Rtd. Bio’s return to State House almost sixteen years after relinquishing power to an elected civilian government. culled from Click here for full article and more

As Makondo Storms Segbweman, Kailahun District, APC Stops Smiling

October 2, 2012

It's obvious that pictures speak louder than words. SLPP Presidential Candidate, Julius Maada Bio enters Segbwema, in Kailahun District today turning the whole city green. Unlike APC's trucks loads of rented crowd, supporters of SLPP and Bio came out in their thousands upon hearing about Bio's impromptu visit. It's evident that there is nothing to worry about in Kailahun, regardless of whom APC parades with in the district. The people of Kailahun cannot be fooled by a corrupt regime. Click here to see more photos



By Jia Kangbai, Freetown, Sierra Leone

October 1, 2012

The use of previous polling data has been the most prominent and reliable component used to forecast election results for decades now. From 1936 to about 2000, the United States and later followed by other developed nations used previous polling data as a standard to predict election outcome by simply making use of raw polling results that has been officially displayed. There is also a long history of econometric models that forecast elections with fundamental data. Click here to read full article


By Yusufy Keketoma Sandi, 9/27/12

Instead of being remembered for the change which ordinary people thought President Koroma could have made on their lives for the past five years, the people will better remember the President for all the flattery names and titles his apologists cum praise singers always shower on him - "transformational leader"; "best President in Africa"; "doctor without religious boundaries"; "the fibre optic president"; "Earnest Ernest Koroma" and at some point the apologists even foolishly tried to invoke the wrath of God by Comparing President Koroma to Jesus Christ. Click here to read full article


Kambia Turns Green as SLPP Presidential Candidate, Brig. Julius Maada Bio and his Running Mate, Dr. Kadi Sesay Flanked by Former President Kabba are Welcomed by Thousands

Photo taken as Bio's convoy enters Kambia.

Reports reaching our campaign headquarters from Kambia, the heart of Northern Sierra Leone is that the whole district has turned green as thousands come out to welcome Brig. Julius Maada Bio, Dr. Kadi Sesay and President Tejan Kabba. A reporter with the independent new paper, Global Times confirms the news as reported by the paper on their website(seemore details @

Landslide Victory in the Making: SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP as a political lead in Awoko's Polls by 55% and 53% respectively

About a week ago, the independent Awoko online news website conducted a poll in which respondents had to select their choice of political party they would vote for among seven political parties if elections were held on that day. With over 700 respondents, the SLPP was selected by 53% of them while APC scored 39%. A second poll is being conducted as we publiish this article in which respondents have been asked who their choice for president is among four candidates including President Koroma, Brig. Maada Bio, Mr. Mohamed Bangura and Mr. Eldred Collins. Again, 55% of the 401 respondents so far have selected Brig. Maada Bio as their choice while President Koroma takes second place with 41%.  Contrary to the statistically questionable and unverifiable survey reports published by the same news outlet indicating a favorable approval rating for President Koroma, Bio and the SLPP stands evidently stands to be more popular than the APC and President Koroma as choice of political party and president respectively, come November 17, 2012. For more details on the results of the polls, please visit Awoko

"Why I Want to Be President" SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio Tells New African Magazine

Culled from

By Stephen Williams



APC Government Puts the Youth Problem at the Bottom of its Priorities: SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General, Julius Maada Bio Pointed Out in his Address at Njala University

July 28, 2012, Njala University Campus

SLPP Presidential Candidate, Rtd. Brig. General, Julius Maada Bio Unveils His Vision for Sierra Leone: A NEW DIRECTION

Freetown, Sierra Leone, July 17, 2012


Freetown, Sierra Leone, July 17, 2012

Statement by the SLPP Presidential Flag Bearer, Brig. (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio, to the Meeting of the SLPP National Executive Council

SLPP Headquarters, Freetown, Sierra Leone

July 4, 2012

Bio Turns Freetown Green Upon Return Home From UK, Europe, and Canada

By: The Bio/Sesay campaign, Freetown, Sierra Leone, June 25, 2012

President-in-waiting, Brigadier General (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio Ends Tour in United Kingdom, Europe and Canada, and Returns Home to a Hero’s Welcome

By: The Bio/Sesay Campaign, June 23, 2012

Bio--The International Icon Makes New Friends and Meets Old Ones at The Montreal Conference in Canada

June 14, 2012

Bio's Second Address at the Montreal Conference: "West Africa's Emergence as Drug Transshipment Points: The Geopolitical and Strategic Implications"

By Brigadier-General (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio

June 13, 2012

The Global Imperative for Poverty Reduction, Job Creation and Democratic Governance in West Africa: Implications for the Geopolitical Realities of World Energy Situation

By Brigadier-General (Rtd.) Julius Maada Bio

June 12, 2012, Montreal Canada

Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio Arrives in Montreal, Canada to Speak at The International Economic Forum of Americas Annual Conference

The Bio/Sesay Campaign, June 10, 2012


May 10, 2012

Maada Bio's BBC Focus on Africa Interview: "My Background Is Military But My Democratic Credentials Are Good" Says Maada Bio.

May 9, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Maada Bio visits London; Meets Journalists and UK Government Minister

May 8, 2012


By Yusuf Perseverance Sandi on Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Maada Bio Takes the Kickoff at a Football Match in his Honor in London

Bio Addresses Supporters at the SLPP U.K. Fundraiser in London

May 5, 2012

SLPP Presidential Flag Bearer, Rtd. Brig. general Julius Maada Bio and Entourage land in UK. Bio Speaks at Chatham House tomorrow, May 5 , 2012

Photos of Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Kadi Sesay at OBBA

An Exposed Hidden Agenda: Is President Koroma Telling the Truth About The UN Envoy's Departure?

By The Economist Magazine, February 18, 2012

Reuters News: UN Envoy Says Government Forced Him Out Because President Ernest Koroma Plans to Rig the Elections

February 13, 2012


By Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio

Maada Bio Responds to Political Violence: The Political Parties, the Police and Election-related Violence in the Run-up to the Elections in Sierra Leone in November 2012

By SLPP Flag Bearer, Rtd. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio

January 31, 2012

SLPP UK/Ireland Branch Sends Letter to British Foreign Office: Re: Political Violence in Sierra Leone

By Jimmy Batilo Songa, Chairman, SLPP UK/Ireland January 22, 2012

SLPP-NA Letter to State Department, Congress and Other International Organizations: "Elections Violence, Arbitrary Arrests, Detention, and Torture in Sierra Leone"

Dr. Kadi Sesay Assures Women in MS. Blog Magazine:"Sierra Leone:Only a New Government Can Bring Equality for Women"

culled from

January 17, 2012

SLPP Press Statement on Existing Challenges to Free, Fair and NonViolent Elections in Sierra Leone

SLPP wins Freetown bye elections in Ward 369

Maada Bio's Exclusive Interview with the Golf News in Muscat: "Listen to people's voice, says former African military ruler"

AS APC Toe-Line for Fuel Returns: As President, Maada Bio Vows to Implement a Sustainable Alternative Energy Policy

Corruption in High Places in APC Government Draws the Attention of U.S Congress as 19 Congress Members Call for Investigation into Timbergate

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